Group Art Tours

“The Art of Looking” offers art tours that come in many shapes and sizes, suitable for a variety of groups. We provide an opportunity to relax, enjoy and learn. Our tours are designed to encourage participants to access and appreciate all kinds of art. Participants will be able to “dig into” various works of art, without the necessity of knowing anything about art history, art movements or artists’ biographies. We provide some interesting and accessible tools to enhance active and self-sufficient viewing using a fun, stimulating and dynamic approach.

What makes “Art of Looking” tours unique? Our tours are exceptionally well researched and informative. The difference is in the approach, which is interactive in nature and encourages participants to react, discuss and share ideas. By the end of a tour, people feel that they have truly engaged with the art in a dynamic, exciting way.

Tours are specifically tailored to the needs of the group. We are based in Toronto, where we can arrange to visit a single gallery and delve into a particular exhibit, or we can visit several galleries in one afternoon or evening. We can also design a series of art tours. Timing is also up to the group. We can spend an hour, or we can spend several, perhaps adding lunch or snacks into the mix! We consult with your group to arrive at what’s right for you.

Toronto has become a city with many, many diverse galleries and “art areas”. Great tours can take place wherever you’d like to go! If your group is interested in planning a tour outside of Toronto, we can help you with that as well.

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