Counseling and Therapy

As a former social worker who practiced individual, couple, family and group counselling, Hildi Wolfish can work with therapists and counsellors to use Visual Thinking Strategies as a tool in the therapeutic process.

VTS-facilitated discussions about art can be used as vehicles for enhancing communication, and for helping people to accept and understand various points of view. During the process of art viewing and discussing, participants build upon one another’s opinions and reflections, working TOGETHER to decipher enigmatic artworks. The process helps people listen to others in a non-judgmental, accepting fashion. In fact, diverse and varying opinions and points of view can help everyone work together to develop a richer understanding of the artworks.

This facilitated approach to discussing and analyzing artworks can be applied to some of the issues that arise in therapy. The very experience of working together to find meaning in art can be utilized to serve an interesting and helpful therapeutic process.

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