About The Art of Looking

The Art of Looking:  Engaging with art for pleasure, business or education.

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About Hildi Wolfish

Hildi Wolfish, B.Sc., M.S.W. – Director

Hildi  is an art educator and facilitator, and has worked for many years helping people connect to and engage with art.  She is trained in the Visual Thinking Strategies approach, a process that is aimed at developing visual literacy, critical thinking, communication skills, as well as creating deep and meaningful personal engagement with works of art.  Hildi has been a docent at the Art Gallery of Ontario for many years.  As well, she is a former social worker and family therapist who has worked with all kinds of groups in a variety of settings.  She is passionate about using art as a tool in reaching all kinds of goals:  personal, professional and educational.



About Marjorie Vella

Did you know that the average time spent viewing a painting was a mere fifteen seconds? What do you see in fifteen seconds? Take a closer look with Marjorie Vella, art facilitator, educator, art enthusiast and communicator. Now what do you see?

Using the “Visual Thinking Strategies” method, Marjorie will guide you through an art adventure that explores the possibilities and the many unexpected connections we have with art. At the same time, she will help you to sharpen vital critical thinking and communication skills for your own personal and/or professional “tool box”.

Whether as a freelance cooking instructor, owner and operator of “Eat My Biscotti, caterer in Toronto and the GTA for 14 years, or as a 15 year docent at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Marjorie enjoys exploring the possibilities of new discoveries!