“Hildi facilitates a stimulating artful conversation that allows viewers to be a part of the exciting process of looking more thoughtfully at art and sharing their own discoveries of what they see. Thank you, Hildi, for encouraging us to look at art in a way that we become participants in bringing selected artworks to life. Yes we can!”

Marjorie Vella - Art Educator, AGO Docent, Event Planner

“I have enjoyed seeing Hildi fascinate our corporate client audiences on several occasions. She has an energy, excitement and knowledge of art and seeing things differently that helps companies discover new ways to succeed.”

Jeff MacInnis
The Business Race Program
“You have this wonderful ability to ease people into opening up and going beyond thinking or looking one way.
Even if you do simply a straight lecture on art, you are amazing.  Your knowledge and energy captivate your audience.  You are a treasure and I love hearing you exude your knowledge. “
Jane Cowan - Artist

“What a great time, so different than anything I’ve ever experienced in the world of visual art.  I speak for all of us in saying it was a unique and really stimulating experience, and makes me want to go look at things I think I see in some mundane way and ask myself to look again.”

Dr. Randy Gangbar - Psychiatrist

“Hildi’s direction of the seminar yielded the best possible results:  100% participation and unanimous judgement of the event as enjoyable and informative.”

Sheldon Rose - Art Consultant
Gallery 133

“Hildi has a wonderful way of engaging people of all backgrounds in a work of art. She helps each individual make meaning of and connect with whatever they are looking at, whether objective or non objective.”

Julie McMeekin - Director
Art Embassy Gallery School